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Book Reviews

The Telltale Tempest

When Robert Fielding, a young African American man with a criminal past, is accused of killing a prominent white judge in the willowy bayous of Louisiana, a death sentence is all but certain. But as Private Investigator and former FBI field agent Will Hogarth is soon to discover, the truth is not always as simple as it appears. The cleanup in New Orleans is riddled with corruption, and the criminals involved will do anything they can to line their pockets. Now in a race against time Will Hogarth must thrust himself deep into the seedy underbelly of the post-Katrina Big Easy— a land where corruption, greed, and senseless murders are all in a day’s work.

Telltale Tempest Reviews

FIVE STARS! “I loved The Telltale Tempest! I just uploaded Sins of a Nation—can’t wait to get started.”

FIVE STARS! “It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed a book this much.”

FIVE STARS! “It’s nice to find a writer that doesn’t insult your intelligence with a worn out story line and clich├ęs. I’m entertained and educated all at once. Great book.”

FIVE STARS! “Will Hogarth is one of us. Great character you can really relate to.”

FIVE STARS! “I read this book in one day. That’s a first for me. Enough said!”

FIVE STARS! “My only complaint; I lost a lot of sleep the last two nights. Great read.”

FIVE STARS! “Classic McGraw novel—characters you love and lots of twists and turns. Hurry up and write another Will Hogarth book.”

FIVE STARS! “I found my favorite new character in Will Hogarth. Love the first person narrative. Excellent book.”

Sins of a Nation

The presidential race is deadlocked--until murder tips the scale. Now attorney Janelle Harcourt finds evidence implicating the presidential front-runner in the shadowy background of a high-level CIA video file. Her investigation links three of the nation's most powerful political figures in a most unimaginable way. This trio is intent to use all of their power to silence the truth.

Sins of a Nation reviews
Midwest Book Review; Excellent!. . . .five out of five stars. McGraw draws you completely into the story right from the start.

Sun Times; McGraw is a master storyteller! . .a surprise ending that will shake you to the core!

Gary Jacobs, acclaimed Television Writer and Producer; McGraw has achieved the impossible—he’s made politics fascinating and fun. Not to mention deadly.

Mystery Anthology Review:. . .5 stars, If you like political thrillers you’ll love this book! . .a fast-paced story that just begs to be filmed. I almost cheered when one of the baddies got his comeuppance in a rather novel way